Wednesday, October 26, 2005


There's something big a brewin' down in the District of Columbia. Maybe indictments.

Rock on!

It's been dreadful long...

...Since I posted much of anything nice. Real work, volunteer work, my cell phone dying, and my computer crashing, and various "career development exercises" have led me to be one very stressed out and time-preoccupied newyorquina.

Also, I found out that my cat is morbidly obese and was forced to put him on a strict (and expensive) diet.

Fortunately in the meantime, my friends have picked up the slack with two new fabulous blogs that will now join the illustrious roll of anyone I have ever met with a blog.

They are both written by dear friends of mine, who... don't... in fact, say their names, so I will leave it at this. They are wonderful, funny women who know more about posting pretty things on the web that I do.

1) jillypickle has achieved more visual texture in her one month blogging that I will ever have. So far this blog deals in great detail with both household crafts and French intellectuals.

2) I'm Sorry I Had to Kill That Guy will soon become known as a repository of avant garde music, critically acclaimed hockey commentary, and fabulous and unattainable shoes.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

What is going to break?

My Horoscope for today:

"Several astrological influences will conspire to cause something you're quite fond of, be it electrical, mechanical or electronic, to decide against doing its very best for you. Your first impulse will be to go after any machine that doesn't perform with a hammer, since what you'll want first is vengeance. But if you don't make it worse, you'll find someone who can actually repair the offending item. Anyone who tangles with you in the meantime, though -- well, at least give them a running start."

The stars obviously know me very well. What is going to not work in my apartment. The TV? The new stove? Shudder to think, the cable box?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How Convenient

The Mayor Bloomberg, the head of police, and a guy from the FBI is giving a press conference about a credible threat on the NY subway. I'm really not much of a conspiracy theorist, but really, come on now. Isn't it convenient that this is happening that week that rumors of indictment are starting to fly madly about the President and Vice Presidents' chief advisors being indicted? We really are sheeplike, us humans.

In his speech in answer to a question that I couldn't hear, Mayor Bloomberg did say that the threat came from, "outside of the country." Jingoism, anyone?

Another wierd thing and the story doesn't show it any more when you clink on the yahoo news story link above, but at about 5:58 pm, the same story included a line that said something along the lines of, "A representative of the FBI in Washington said there was no evidence of any threat on the New York subway." My italics.

I hope there isn't a terrorist attack in my beloved city, don't get me wrong. But after x number of national orange alerts before the election and 0 after the election, I am a tiny bit jaded. The conservative right has used 9/11 to such a degree, that aside from the loss of life and trauma to the city, the other real casualty would be, well, the world. Think how much more damage the U.S could inflict with the United States united behind some other disastrous war.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Keeping Our Mouths Shut

Ed Kilgore on Harriet Miers:

"So: given the trend, I would expect most conservative shrieking about Miers to die down tomorrow, but as Dobson's fire-extinguisher statement indicated, there will be a big price to pay during the confirmation hearings: conservatives will demand some serious reassurance about her "judicial philosophy." And those "reassurances" will provide serious ammunition to Democrats, who have generally and wisely kept their mouths pretty much shut today, other than vaguely positive statements about Miers' apparent lack of ideological commitment, and general injunctions for more information and robust confirmation hearings."