Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tanto tiempo

It's been forever since I wrote. In the absence of actual posts from me, people sometimes find their way to Jane's blog and are keeping up on recent events that way. For those of you who haven't followed the parts of my story there, I should explain that my mother passed away on August 14, 2009. It was sudden, completely unexpected and all happened while I was on vacation in Ecuador. We were at the top of the Teleferico in Quito when I got the phone call, killing time before going to the airport to catch a hurriedly changed flight.

This isn't meant as an excuse for not writing, the last post was after all two months before that. It is actually missing her that brings me back here again, I think. She was my most loyal reader and although the feelings of immediate shock have passed, her absence leaves a gaping hole in my day. She was one of my loyal readers and it seems a good space to talk a bit about the roller coaster.

Things that happen these days:

In my cell phone address book, the phone number still reads "Robert and Doris Calhoon." When my father calls me, I invariably think for a split second that she is finally returning my call, after so many weeks.

My June 14 post is now bittersweet, since it was about seeing Up. I recommended this movie to my parents, it is about aging and life changes, after all. It's the last movie she saw in the theater. When I cleaned out her purse, I found the 3-D glasses from the movie.

Here is the obituary.