Monday, May 04, 2009


Tonight is the inauguration of Cine de La Diferencia in Cuenca, the gay and lesbian film festival I helped plan last year. I can see the Teatro Sucre, right across from the Parque Calderon and imagine the flurry of costume emergencies, cash box preparations, one person asking the other "where the hell is the champagne for the toast," and everyone dressed up in Sunday best.

The pictures are from last year, when the kids I worked with put together these beautiful dance combinations, these amazing artistic expressions about sexuality. The organization was totally lacking, there were countless juvenile conflicts, we didn't get the tickets sales we wanted, the publicity happened late, the press we got was totally homophobic. But we freaking did it. All sorts of people came watched films and talked about sexuality. Almost a year out, back in New York, with my head full of details about a new all-consuming job, the finer points of what went right and wrong are so much less important than the fact that we pulled it off at all.

Congratulations to Cuenca Diversa! Como me gustaría estar allá con ustedes hoy.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


My Peace Corps Project is plugging along with this years' iteration of Cine de la Diferencia. Thanks to everyone who contributed to support this so generously.

That awkward conversation

You know when you have a fight with someone you are very fond of and several months go by where you don't really talk, but in the end you decide that you remember all the things that are great about about the person and you start to make little overtures and then suddenly there you are having coffee and its exciting and uncomfortable all at the same time?

That is how I think this post might be. Not that I had a fight with my blog, or anyone who reads it, but after so many months its difficult to just pick up and act like everything has been all hunky-dory this whole time.

I mean, everything has been fine, it is just that I have been very neglectful. This has to do with having a job which sucks up way too much time in front of the computer, and way too much of the energy that makes blogging fun. But I fear that Jane will take me off her blogroll if I no longer post and so here is a commitment to getting back into to the rhythm of documenting my New York life.