Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Latest musical obsession

Why is it that you find this music you love singing along to in the house or in the care you sometimes listen to it too much and then you can´t hear it anymore? That is the story with me and the Killers new album.

Now this is even though this album did my wrong from the first night that we met. My friend Becca loaned it to me right before I got on a night bus to Cuenca and I liked it sooo much that when the Benadryl kicked in and I started to get very sleepy, I failed to put away my disc man, which also had eight of my favorite cd´s. (Marcus and Cynthia´s wedding compilation for one, Tom Waits´ Frank´s Wild Years for another, along with Lucinda Williams Live at the Filmore Volume II, Yo La Tengo, Electropura, Moby, Play, and the kicker, U2 Achtung Baby.) In the morning when the dew was just starting to dry over the hills of CaƱar, I woke up without my discman, without my disc´s and without the Killer´s new cd.

Fortunately I have nice parents and they went out and bought it for me and sent it along. Since then its been a nonstop love affair with me and this album. I don´t listen to the radio. I don´t listen to any of my other music. Just the Killers, at top volume with my singing along and dancing, if anyone needs something to giggle at (nicely, now.)

I realize my tendency to eschew little gadgets is again at fault here. It´s much harder to walk off with an mp3 player that is clipped to someone´s shirt than it is to walk off with a cd player only slightly concealed in the top of a backpack. Yeah, yeah.

Ironically, Pitchfork media draws a comparison between just the U2 album of which I was bereft and this one.

Other places indicate that the band may have just gone for the wrong rock-icon; the reverb-chirp "higher and higher" peak of (seriously) "Bling (Confessions of a King)" indicates that the Killers are more successful impressionists of Achtung Baby-era U2.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life has been---

--Hectic to say the least and although its a sorry excuse to not have written. Reduced access to internet, an enormous and costly event celebrating gay pride (which was very successful), and the personal lives of friends remaining loca have all contributed to me not making a peep for many many weeks.

I´m in the stage now where if I don´t make a clean to do list everyday and move forward the things that didn´t get marked off on the last one, that nothing gets done and I feel like I am drowning in details. I can see the end of service too, and given my projections for the next ten months, it seems hard to see how I will accomplish everything I have committed to do. I scheduled vacation first to Peru and then the EEUU! When that finishes I will be in my final six months and dear lord how is that going to be?

The good thing is that being busy means things are happening.